Debian linux - sysv-rc dependency-based boot system 修復

Debian linux 做 apt-get dist-upgrade, 升級到 sysv-rc 時, 出現下述訊息:

  • sysv-rc

    Unable to migrate to dependency-based boot system
    Tests have determined that problems in the boot system exist which prevent migration to dependency-based
    boot sequencing:
    package exim4-base removed but not purged, package mysql-server-5.0 removed but not purged

    If the reported problem is a local modification, it needs to be fixed manually. If it's a bug in the package, it should be reported to the BTS and fixed in the package.
    See for more information about how to fix the problems preventing migration.
    To reattempt the migration process after the problems have been fixed, run "dpkg-reconfigure sysv-rc".

問題出在 沒有把 exim4-base、mysql-server-5.0 移除乾淨. (移除乾淨要用 apt-get remove --purge exim4-base mysql-server-5.0)

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