irssi script

irssi 的 Perl Script
(覺得 irssi 比 xchat 簡單.. 而且也好用多了~~)
irssi 中文設定
1. 進入 irssi 後輸入 /set term_type big5
2. 或在 /etc/irssi.conf 或 ~/.irssi/config 加
3. 還是有問題就 Ctrl + l (L) 營幕重繪看看..

用 irssi 進入irc 後..
下 /help set
help_path = /usr/share/irssi/help
SET [-clear | -default] [ []]
You can view or change the settings with /SET command.
/SET without any arguments displays all the settings. /SET displays settings whose key (partly) matches
/SET sets to
Boolean settings accept only values ON, OFF and TOGGLE. You can also use /TOGGLE command to change them, so /TOGGLE
behaves like /SET TOGGLE. /TOGGLE also accepts arguments ON and OFF when /TOGGLE behaves exactly like /SET.
Remember that changes are not saved until you use /SAVE!
/SET autolog OFF - Sets value for setting 'autolog'
/SET close - Shows all settings whose variable name
contains 'close'. Very practical.
/SET autolog OFF => 在各 chat 設 /SET autolog ON
這樣子就會在自己的目錄下 /irclogs/org/ 看到 log 了 🙂

作者: Tsung

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