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有非常多的 PaperLinux Project 文件..
包括了 UML simulator、Initial RAM-disk、Linux-7k,
Paper 包括了 Booting LinuxLinux Network Traffic Control等等還有一堆的好東西~ 🙂

一個跟 Booting Linux 相關的資訊~ fast boot 🙂
以下轉載自 Fastboot
Randy.Dunlap wrote:
> I see fast boot (and reboot) being broken down into these 4 areas
> (and maybe more):
> 1. linux-reboots-linux (kexec or other solutions)
> 2. modifying (some) Linux kernel code to init in parallel, like
> storage and networking drivers; I haven't seen any work in
> this area yet.
> 3. using a known-devices database so that device discovery doesn't
> have to be done at each boot cycle (can be done on demand).
> This isn't related to device naming.
> 4. using faster (parallel) init scripts, like Richard Gooch's Linux
> Boot Scripts (http://www.atnf.csiro.au/people/rgooch/linux/boot-scripts/)
> or the Midori (Transmeta) derivation of them (called 'quickinit':
> see CVS at http://sourceforge.net/projects/midori/)
In the Bootup Time working group in the CE Linux forum, we've broken
it down into 4 major areas:
- firmware
- kernel init
- user init (daemons, scripts)
- application init
For firmware init, we are interested in kernel XIP (and general firmware
time-bloat reductions - maybe LinuxBIOS?)
For kernel init, we are interested in 2 and 3. Also, we are interested
general probing reductions (eg. idex=noprobe is broken in 2.4 - haven't
checked 2.6 yet.)
For user init, we have done some work with modifications to busybox to
make RC scripts execute faster.
For user init and application init, we have looked at application XIP,
and are potentially interested in pre-linking.
Tim Bird
Architecture Group Co-Chair
CE Linux Forum
Senior Staff Engineer
Sony Electronics
E-mail: Tim.Bird at am.sony.com

作者: Tsung

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