Mount ISO File 命令

Linux 下 掛載 iso file 的指令如下:

  • mount -o loop -t iso9660 FILENAME.ISO /mnt/iso
  • umount /mnt/iso

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在〈Mount ISO File 命令〉中有 4 則留言

  1. 我在 /mnt/iso目錄下 執行 ./insatll
    The installer cannot be run when your current directory is on the CD.
    Change to the target MATLAB installation directory and rerun the installer.
    請問 我要把目錄改到什麼地方?
    不好意思 新手上路 請多指教~!!!

  2. [root@134-208-38-130 matlab_linux]# cd /home
    [root@134-208-38-130 home]# /mnt/iso/install
    An error status was returned by the program 'xsetup',
    the X Window System version of 'install'. The following
    messages were written to standard error:
    /tmp/3984tmwinstall/update/bin/glnx86/xsetup: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
    Attempt to fix the problem and try again. If X is not available
    or 'xsetup' cannot be made to work then try the terminal
    version of 'install' using the command:
    install* -t or INSTALL* -t
    /tmp/3984tmwinstall/update/install/ line 15: /tmp/3984tmwinstall/update/install/ 沒有此一檔案或目錄
    [root@134-208-38-130 home]#
    ---------- 以上 是我在終端機的執行結果
    我看了訊息 的解讀是我少了某個檔案 :
    請問是這樣嗎 ? 我又該如何解決呢??


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