Google Lerry Page 訂立的開會原則 - 2012

Google 換 Larry Page 當新的 CEO 後, Larry Page 改變了 Google 的開會流程, 定義了開會所需要注意的幾點事項.

Google 訂立開會原則 - Larry Page


Google 訂立的開會原則

  1. 每次開會都要有一個明確的決策者,如果沒有決策者,或沒法作出決定,就不應該開會議。(Every meeting must have one clear decision maker. If there's no decision maker -- or no decision to be made -- the meeting shouldn't happen.)
  2. 開會不能超過10個人。(No more than 10 people should attend.)
  3. 每個參與會議者都必須要給出自己的想法、意見,否則不應該參加此次的會議。(Every person should give input, otherwise they shouldn't be there.)
  4. 任何要訂立的決策都不應該因為會議未招開而延後。如果需要開會才能做出某個決定,那麼該會議應該立刻招開。(No decision should ever wait for a meeting. If a meeting absolutely has to happen before a decision should be made, then the meeting should be scheduled immediately.)


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