Vim 8.0 於 Linux 使用滑鼠選取自動複製的快速鍵

Vim 8.0 於 Linux 的 CLI 環境,使用滑鼠選取文字的話,預設不是 Xwindow 的選取方式,而是 Vim 內部的選取方式(v),所以文字要複製沒辦法使用 Ctrl + c 等等複製到系統的記憶體。

  • 註1:預設為 set mouse=a 的模式
  • 註2:Debian stretch 目前安裝就是 Vim 8.0,就會遇到此情況


  • 按住 Shift 後,在用滑鼠選取,可以使用 Ctrl + c 複製,或 此時用滑鼠中間就可以貼上。(再按一下 Shift 選取反白才會消失)
  • :set mouse= 或 :set mouse=r 或 :set mouse=v (設定不要為 a 就可以使用標準系統的選取、複製模式)


*'mouse'* *E538*
'mouse'         string  (default "", "a" for GUI, MS-DOS and Win32)
            {not in Vi}
    Enable the use of the mouse.  Only works for certain terminals
    (xterm, MS-DOS, Win32 |win32-mouse|, QNX pterm, *BSD console with
    sysmouse and Linux console with gpm).  For using the mouse in the
    GUI, see |gui-mouse|.
    The mouse can be enabled for different modes:
        n   Normal mode
        v   Visual mode
        i   Insert mode
        c   Command-line mode
        h   all previous modes when editing a help file
        a   all previous modes
        r   for |hit-enter| and |more-prompt| prompt
    Normally you would enable the mouse in all four modes with:
        :set mouse=a
    When the mouse is not enabled, the GUI will still use the mouse for
    modeless selection.  This doesn't move the text cursor.

    See |mouse-using|.  Also see |'clipboard'|.

    Note: When enabling the mouse in a terminal, copy/paste will use the
    "* register if there is access to an X-server.  The xterm handling of
    the mouse buttons can still be used by keeping the shift key pressed.
    Also see the 'clipboard' option.

作者: Tsung

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