Debian linux - sysv-rc dependency-based boot system 修復

Debian linux 做 apt-get dist-upgrade, 升級到 sysv-rc 時, 出現下述訊息:

  • sysv-rc

    Unable to migrate to dependency-based boot system
    Tests have determined that problems in the boot system exist which prevent migration to dependency-based
    boot sequencing:
    package exim4-base removed but not purged, package mysql-server-5.0 removed but not purged

    If the reported problem is a local modification, it needs to be fixed manually. If it's a bug in the package, it should be reported to the BTS and fixed in the package.
    See for more information about how to fix the problems preventing migration.
    To reattempt the migration process after the problems have been fixed, run "dpkg-reconfigure sysv-rc".

問題出在 沒有把 exim4-base、mysql-server-5.0 移除乾淨. (移除乾淨要用 apt-get remove --purge exim4-base mysql-server-5.0)


  • 說明文件說可以參照此文: LSBInitScripts/Dependency based boot sequence, 全部修正完畢後, 再執行 dpkg-reconfigure sysv-rc 即可.
  • 不過不喜歡文件中的方法, 所以決定將這些手動移除, 移除完後再執行 dpkg-reconfigure sysv-rc.

exim4-base 和 mysql-server-5.0 相關檔案

  • dpkg-query -W -f='${Conffiles}\n' exim4-base

    /etc/init.d/exim4 5cc0235f0daea6b711879c2aa6d017f7
    /etc/logrotate.d/exim4-base cd9fc4ad67f13176c098fab4bbcd32b5
    /etc/logrotate.d/exim4-paniclog 27d670010e80246c4a1dd89419589009
    /etc/cron.daily/exim4-base 7c4bb303fbaba1d038e5dfe60dcb656d

  • dpkg-query -W -f='${Conffiles}\n' mysql-server-5.0

    /etc/init.d/mysql-ndb-mgm becae0693dae627e6960249ae17bae19
    /etc/init.d/mysql-ndb 25ad87aee00cf24aea5daf7ad4ed899f
    /etc/init.d/mysql 246ab7d69e00af14f03d12c54465b59c
    /etc/logrotate.d/mysql-server 64e209fe34f73fbf10c9479bf30947c4
    /etc/mysql/debian-start 4272e4d740c8ae651ac35bbf4d2ed6dc
    /etc/logcheck/ignore.d.workstation/mysql-server-5_0 20ccf274886d8f2897a10d9288579410
    /etc/logcheck/ignore.d.server/mysql-server-5_0 20ccf274886d8f2897a10d9288579410
    /etc/logcheck/ignore.d.paranoid/mysql-server-5_0 e8dbe35695437354553e61fd65b702ba

  • dpkg -S /etc/mysql # 查詢 /etc/mysql 屬於哪些套件

    mysql-common, mysql-server-5.1: /etc/mysql


  1. sudo dpkg --purge exim4-base mysql-server-5.0 # 移除 exim4-base、mysql-server-5.0
  2. 註: 若用 apt-get remove --purge mysql-server-5.0 會連 mysql-server-5.1 一起移除.
  3. dpkg-reconfigure sysv-rc # 建議先看 /usr/share/doc/sysv-rc/README.Debian, 確定要使用 sysv-rc, 則再執行一次此命令
  4. dpkg-reconfigure sysv-rc


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