RFC-1178 如何幫你的電腦取名字

要幫你的電腦(或 Server)選個吉利的好名字~ 有 RFC 的文件可以參考~

RFC-1178 如何幫你的電腦選擇名字

下述摘錄自此篇: RFC-1178 Choosing a Name for Your Computer

  • Don't overload other terms already in common use.
  • Don't choose a name after a project unique to that machine.
  • Don't use your own name.
  • Don't use long names.
  • Avoid alternate spellings.
  • Avoid domain names.
  • Avoid domain-like names.
  • Don't use antagonistic or otherwise embarrassing names.
  • Don't use digits at the beginning of the name.
  • Don't use non-alphanumeric characters in a name.
  • Don't expect case to be preserved.
  • Use words/names that are rarely used.
  • Use theme names.
  • Use real words.
  • Don't worry about reusing someone else's hostname.
  • There is always room for an exception.

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RFC-1178 如何幫你的電腦取名字 有 2 則回應

  1. Fwolf 說道:

    这规矩太多了,我一般是 字母+序号 完事儿~


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