GoAccess - 圖形化 Web Log 的分析程式

Apache、Nginx 的 Web Log 一般常見會想要分析來源IP、讀取網址、200、404 的比例(與 Google Analytics 重複的就先不列了,Ex: Unique Visitior...) 等等...可以使用 GoAccess 來快速分析。

GoAccess - 圖形化 Web Log 的分析程式

安裝、執行方式 (Debian / Ubuntu Linux)

  • 安裝:sudo apt-get instll goaccess # goaccess - log analyzer and interactive viewer for the Apache Webserver
  • 執行:goaccess -f /var/log/apache2/access.log # 會出現選單,空白鍵挑選第一個,然後按 ENTER 即可 (即時分析)
  • 設定檔:/etc/goaccess.conf
  • cat access.log | goaccess > report.html # 想輸出 HTML,需打開設定檔兩個參數,date-format %d/%b/%Y 和 log-format %h %^[%d:%^] "%r" %s %b
  • 或 goaccess -f /var/log/access_log > reports.html

GoAccess 簡介

GoAccess 可以產出 HTML、JSON、CSV 的 Report (下述直接連到官網範例)

GoAccess 會分析下述:

  • General statistics, bandwidth, etc.
  • Time taken to serve the request (useful to track pages that are slowing down your site)
  • Metrics for cumulative, average and slowest running requests
  • Top visitors
  • Requested files & static files
  • 404 or Not Found
  • Hosts, Reverse DNS, IP Location
  • Operating Systems
  • Browsers and Spiders
  • Referring Sites & URLs
  • Keyphrases
  • Geo Location - Continent/Country/City
  • Visitors Time Distribution
  • HTTP Status Codes
  • Metrics per
  • Virtual Host New
  • Ability to output JSON and CSV
  • Tailor GoAccess to suit your own color taste/schemes
  • Incremental log processing
  • Support for large datasets + data persistence
  • Support for HTTP/2 & IPv6
  • and more...


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