Google 為 Chrome 開發 QUIC 用來替代 UDP - 2013

Google 之前打造的 SPDY (pronounced speedy) 有可能成為新一代 HTTP 2.0 的 Protocol 規範之一, 現在又看到取代 UDP (User Datagram Protocol) 的替代品 QUIC (pronounced Quick).

Google 為 Chrome 開發 QUIC 用來替代 UDP

目前 QUIC 已經整合進 Chrome、Chromium Source code 裡面了, 詳可見下述:


下述取自 QUIC - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

QUIC also focuses on data streams, with the extra benefit of adding a built-in encryption layer and some reliability and performance enhancements, including forward error correction.

From examination of the code it seems like its main use is to run a TCP-like flow and congestion control mechanism over UDP. This would allow more control to the application rather than in the OS.

不過目前都還沒看到 Google 有發任何新聞稿, 只有在 TechCrunch 看到此篇: Looks Like Google Is Working On A UDP Replacement Called QUIC, 到底後續會如何還不知道~ 先做個記錄囉~ 🙂


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