Linux Gnome3 內建影片錄影功能要如何使用

Ubuntu Linux 13.10 的 Unity 實在是一場悲劇, 但是又懶得重灌的狀況下, 改裝 Gnome3 來用.

Linux Gnome3 內建影片錄影功能要如何使用

看到此篇 Gnome3 CheatSheet 才發現有內建桌面影片錄影功能, 可以拿來做教學影片, 存檔的影片格式是 webm.


快速鍵: Control + Shift + Alt + R

  1. 開始錄影: Control + Shift + Alt + R
  2. 停止錄影: 再一次(Control + Shift + Alt + R) 就是停止錄影
  3. 於 "~/影片" 會自動存成 2013-11-xxxx.webm 的影片.

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Screenshots & Screen Recording


The PrintScn key will take a screenshot, and will automatically save the image in your Pictures folder. There are some other handy shortcuts that you can use here:

  • Alt+PrintScn - take a screenshot of the current window only
  • Shift+PrintScn - select a specific area of the screen
  • Ctrl+PrintScn - save the screenshot to the clipboard

These keyboard shortcuts can be combined. For example:

  • Alt + Ctrl + PrintScn will save a screenshot of the current window to the clipboard.
Screen Recording

GNOME 3 comes with a built-in screen recorder. This can be activated using the Shift + Ctrl + Alt + r keyboard shortcut. A red circle is displayed in the bottom-right hand corner of the screen while recording is taking place.

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